Serving & Helping the Socially Disadvantaged in Lancaster

Our mission is to support those suffering distress caused by addiction, broken family relationships, poverty and homelessness, and to enable individuals and families to resolve and alleviate their difficulties.

How We Help People Across Lancaster

The Olive Branch in Lancaster Food Bank

A Food Bank

We provide free emergency food to families and individuals in difficulty. We rely greatly on food contributions from the local community.

Donate Food

The Olive Branch in Lancaster Food Bank

Listening Service

We provide open access for adults where they can seek help, share their problems and receive advice and support.

Help for Addiction

The Olive Branch in Lancaster Food Bank

Homelessness Support

Support for “rough sleepers” and a referral system, to help families and individuals access housing advice, accommodation and help with underlying issues.

Helping the Homeless

Christian Hope Reaching Into Society Today

We Welcome Any Donation

Naturally we rely on donations from all kinds of sources and everyone no matter how large is small is greatly appreciated. If you are able it is very easy for you to make a donation online by visting our Donate page.

Help us in other ways…

Donating your money is not the only way you can help us do our work. There are in fact 4 ways you can help and we highly value you contribution no matter how you can lend a hand…

  • Prayer
  • Volunteering
  • Giving
  • Financial Support

What We’re Asking for this Month…

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Latest News

There’s a lot going on and we want to share it with you. Learn about what we’ve been doing recently, events we’re involved with, the results of the work we do and more. We’d love you to get involved!

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Faith in Action

Watch this film by the Lancaster University on The Olive Branch. Learn facts about how many people in the UK are facing very difficult times and how we are helping people in Lancaster and why it is so important to us as Christians.

Who Are We?

We are a Christian charity serving and helping the socially disadvantaged in Lancaster. We actively respond to the needs of others and are committed to reaching out to the vulnerable individuals in the community. We are always available to discuss any issue and to source other areas of help.

We are continuing to see a year on year increase in the number of visitors using our service. Their difficulties are varied ranging from homelessness to budgeting and debt issues, from addiction to grief and loneliness.

The Olive Branch
1 Westbourne Rd

Office Phone: 01524 555715


Our opening times are 11 am – 1 pm for general enquiries and 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm for emergency food, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

NOTE: We’re closed on Tuesdays

How to Find The Olive Branch in Lancaster