Community Partnership Packages

The Olive Branch (Faith in Action) is a registered UK charity dedicated to support those suffering distress caused by addiction, broken family relationships, poverty and homelessness, and to enable individuals and families to resolve and alleviate difficulties.

Our most prominent support mechanism is the provision of a foodbank for Lancaster. We are currently providing emergency food for approximately 140 adults and children each week. This provision is just the first step to helping our guests find stability in each of their lives.

In addition, we seek to provide support in many other ways such as budgeting, debt management, mentoring, homeless support, and providing a listening ear to talk through issues which are causing pain – these are provided with the help of other specialist partners. Every guest is treated with love and respect (and a mug of tea and cake!) because we all need help at moments of stress and pressure. Unfortunately these periods of pressure seems to be increasing every day. We are growing because we care about our friends and families in our community, and we know you can help!

The Olive Branch works with local partners to help safeguard vulnerable individuals. We receive daily referrals from Citizen Advice, Department Of Work & Pensions(DWP), Christians Against Poverty (CAP), Lancaster City Council, Lancaster District Homeless Action Service (LDHAS), Global Link – Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support, Adactus, Probation etc.

We want to work closely with local business leaders and companies because this is our home and we care about our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. So we want to boost local business and employee engagement, and provide regular reporting so you can measure the impact of your support.


NOTE – The most effective and productive use of Community Partnership is always by supporting over a consistent period of time with smaller monthly donations. So we ask, if possible, that you donate on a monthly cycle because this allows The Olive Branch to plan projects into the future and help people over the longer term. We don’t just want to put a plaster over the problem today, we want our community to see a future full of hope.

ADDITIONAL Note – you may be able to treat your contribution as a business expense, please confirm this with your accountant – see below:


Additional opportunities to support The Olive Branch

We welcome support in all forms, so please:

  • Sign up for Payroll Giving – Search for “CAF Payroll Giving” for more details.
  • Sponsor an event to raise funds.
  • Organise your own fundraising activities.


Join us and help build the community we all want for our families and friends.


To secure a community partnership package, or discuss any details:-

Email or call 01524 555715 and ask to speak to the Leslie or Kerry.